FAQs About Massage

Massage is one of the best ways for most people to find relief from muscle pain, relief from general stress, and relief from busy schedules. A room with dim lighting, soft music, and warm blankets is the perfect recipe for relaxing and letting the cares of the day slip away for an hour. While these are things you probably already knew, we bet there are a number of questions that you’ve always had about massage, which is why we’ll cover some of those today.

At La Experience Thai & Swedish Massage in San Antonio, we are proud to offer a variety of massage therapy techniques to provide the right kind of relief and relaxation that you need. Whether you are considering massage for the first time, or have received massage therapy for years, we look forward to providing the relief you need. Continue reading to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about massage and contact us to schedule your massage service today.

1. Will I be covered during the massage therapy session?

During your massage therapy session, you will be covered or draped to keep you warm and protect your privacy. Only the part of the body that the massage therapist is working on will be uncovered. If there are areas that you do not want them to address, then they will be sure to respect your wishes. Be sure to clearly communicate with your massage therapist before the session begins about anything that you are uncomfortable with.

2. Do I have to completely undress?

The simple answer is no. You never have to completely undress for any massage therapy session unless you are comfortable doing so. Keep in mind, however, that the more clothing you keep on, the fewer areas that your massage therapist will be able to fully address. Some people are comfortable being completely undressed, while others prefer to keep their undergarments on. At La Experience Thai & Swedish Massage in San Antonio, we want you to make the decision that will help you to feel most comfortable during your appointment. You will be able to dress and undress in the privacy of the massage room, and you will be covered at all times during the massage.

3. How much should I tip my massage therapist?

Many of our massage therapy clients want to know if they should tip, how much they should tip, and the best way to tip. No one wants to have that awkward moment of wondering if they should have tipped and if they left enough of a tip. Our suggestion is to think of your massage therapist the way that you think of a server in a restaurant. You should tip your server between 15 and 20 percent if they provided good service, which means that you should tip your massage therapist accordingly. You may also consider tipping based on the full cost of the massage, especially if you received the massage at a discount. Remember, your massage therapist is still doing the full amount of work even if you didn’t pay full price. They will definitely appreciate getting a tip based on the full worth of their work.

4. What do I do if the massage technique is too hard?

At La Experience Thai & Swedish Massage in San Antonio, our massage therapists are trained to provide the right type of pressure to relieve muscle aches and pains for all of their clients. When your massage therapy is in session, be sure to communicate about the amount of pressure that you feel. If it is too light or too hard, then let them know, so your massage therapist can adjust the pressure accordingly. We want you to receive the relief you need while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

5. How often should I get a massage?

Many people see massage as a luxury that they indulge in maybe once or twice per year. Massage therapy, however, is very healing and should be scheduled at least once a month. Monthly massages help to manage stress and also function as preventative care. If you are dealing with an injury or chronic tightness that is impacting your daily life, then you may want to consider weekly massage therapy appointments until you have reached a point in your healing where you need them less often.

6. What is included in a massage therapy session?

A massage therapy session consists of time for you to dress and undress, talk with your massage therapist about your needs for the session, and the massage itself. It’s important to take time to communicate with your massage therapist before each session so that they can get a clear picture of how you feel, how your “trouble spots” are doing, and whether the massage therapist needs to focus on a specific area during the session. This communication allows your massage session to be truly customized to your needs.

At La Experience Thai & Swedish Massage in San Antonio, we care about the health and well being of each of our clients, which is why we want to help you be as informed as possible about the different types of massage that we offer, proper care for your body, and the importance of routine massage sessions. Be sure to check back for our next post on some of the healing benefits of massage therapy, and why you should be scheduling regular sessions. If you are ready to schedule a massage therapy session with one of our trained professionals, then be sure to call and schedule your appointment today.

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